Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Birthday

What an amazing time. This year again I spent my birthday with my love, my drums and people I respect, adore and admire. We had Thomas Lang Drumming Bootcamp and it happened  to be on my Birthday
Trying to prove that everything is possible, one of my dreams came true. I met Thomas Lang and we had great Camp in Poland. I still can't believe it.

After that I was in Rome for a few days but I couldn't  stop thinking about drumming here is a video :)
After Camp I have a lot of energy to practice more and do more.
Plans are big. Drum Academy is getting bigger and we want to do more drum invents in the future.
I'm also very happy and honoured to announce that I was invited to write drum lessons for Top Drummer Magazine and that's what I'm doing right now - writing down all my drum methods and ideas for practing to share it with you guys. Can't wait.


Two years ago I spent my birthday on the set of this program and I had a lot of surprises that day