Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Big Drum Bonanza memories

Big Drum Bonanza was waiting for me somewhere around the corner, but until the last I did not know if I could go. The circumstances in my profession are simple: the holiday season is a concert time. During those months musicians in Poland have much more gigs and we play a lot. I had to make a decision: give up my work for a month, buy a ticket and get on a plane to USA or stay and wonder how it would be if I went there? 

Thomas Lang invited me to his Big Drum Bonanza as a thank you gift for organizing two of his Drumming Boot Camps and two clinics in Poland.
Krystian, director of AR at DW Poland, was right saying that I can not miss this opportunity. I had only a month till the start of Bonanza, and getting a US visa was the biggest problem, because I had to wait two weeks for the appointment in the consulate  (yes, Poland still needs to get a visa to go to USA - sick). Krystian encouraged me that I can get things done in a month. I took the risk, and a week before departure I received a passport and my visa to the US.

The journey from Warsaw to Los Angeles lasted 15 hours, and I had this feeling that it was going to be a journey of my life.

This was my second time in LA and I cannot describe the amazing feelings that I get about this city. The fact, that such a great music has been created here, that so many of the greatest musicians and artists live here, makes me feel that I'm in the center of the universe.


The classes began on Monday. Thomas and his wife Elizabeth greeted us warmly.
They filled us in about what was coming up within the next week. The schedule was intense, from 9am until 1 pm we had practical classes, then a break for lunch. From 3pm we had Masterclasses with special guests at the Drum Channel and live shows starting 5pm.

DAY ONE - Thomas Lang and a special guest Matt Garstka